TLV200D/E firmware


Step 1. To upgrade the firmware of the set-top box user should have an IBM PC compatible with Microsoft
Windows. Serial cable. New  TLV200D firmware file supplied from Teleview.
Step 2. Before the upgrade, make sure the set-top is working properly. Menu should be visible on the screen.
Step 3. Prepare serial cable
To make a serial connection cable as follows: One end of connector must have male and the female connector.
Cable wiring between connectors
2 --- 2
3 --- 3
5 --- 5
Step 4. Turn off the set-top box to avoid possible destruction of the interfaces. Connect a cable between
COM port of IBM PC compatible and RS232C connector of set-top box
Step 5. Turn on the IBM PC compatible and Execute HyperTerminal program which can be found from
START->PROGRAM->ACCESSORIES of the Microsoft Windows menu.
Step 6. Make sure the Hyper terminal configurations are as follows. Execute File menu on the
HyperTerminal, then Properties menu.
Choose COM1 if the cable is connected to COM1 port of IBM PC compatibles. Choose COM2 if the cable is connected to COM2 port of IBM PC compatibles.
Configure the port as follows
Bit rate 115200
Data bit 8
Parity None
Stop bit 1
Flow control XON/XOFF
If you are using the Hyper-terminal first time, it will ask you to enter the connection names, phone numbers and access codes. Just use any arbitrary values for these fields.
Disconnect and connect again to validate new settings by executing Call menu on the HyperTerminal,
Then Disconnect sub menu and Connect sub menu.
Step 7. Turn off and on the set-top box. You must be able to following messages from the Hyper-terminal
Teleview C main() - TLV-200 Jun 1 2003 03:39:43
Tuning posted, Press ESC to open console monitor
*******RESET VDP***
*******RESET VDP***
AUD: loading STi4600 v1.4 patch code for BAC!
Image (0, 0) [734x196]
If you can not see any message, check the cable again. Check the communication port setting you have chosen in the hyper-terminal is correct (Step 6).
Step 8. Press ESC key on the keyboard. You will find messages open console
Step 9. Type in ENTER key and r z ENTER keys. You will see
Send a new firmware with ZMODEM protocol
Make sure XON/XOFF is enabled
?. B00000012b0c69
Step 10. The video screen will show an OSD message as follows
Downloading firmware…
Please wait minutes
Step 11. Execute Transfer menu on the HyperTerminal and Send File.
Choose protocol [Zmodem]. Enter new binary firmware file name and press Enter key. 
Step 12. You will see that the file is transferred from the PC to the receiver.
You will be able to see the status bar showing the transfer. If the status bar freezes, communication error happened. Please turn off and on the set-top box again and start over the download again.
Step 13. When all of the binary file content is transferred, wait couple of minutes more to write new firmware on the flash ROM.
Never turn off the set-top box during the flash writing. It will destroy the firmware on the set-top box and user can not recover the firmware. If this situation happens, try to obtain new flash ROM from the vendor.
If you have access to the flash ROM programmer, you may program the flash ROM yourself and obtain a binary file from Teleview (
Step 14. When the upgrade is finished, the set will boot again itself.